Travel, create, create that i travel


When i am resting, i travel. My imagination transports me to another place. I get on the train, I travel. I travel with an altered perception. I sing, i dance and i travel. I dream and I see myself traveling.
Travel means growing, it is to learn to see oneself from another angle. I see it as a connection with what it is different that leads us to rethink ourselves. The traveler enjoys changing his skin, contemplating the other to contemplate themselves. This leads us to reaffirm our being constantly, discarding what isn´t worth it and adopting what´s good for us.
Travel can be a state of mind as a moment of concentration or a walk. I travel to meet others and to know me, to find myself when I get lost.
As if there were no borders, I go through portals and travel. Let's travel through life, let's not talk about time, let's not be part of the stillness and enjoy the movement.
Series of artworks made in the course of 2015